The Academic  Department:
The academic department supervises teaching all the university requirements courses for college students . It is also responsible for the biggest role in the consolidation of  the overall philosophy of combing tradition and modernity; through the following courses: The Holy Quran and its sciences, The Holy Hadith, Islamic Culture, Arabic, English, Mathematics and Statistics. The Bachelor of Technology teacher has been adopted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. There is also a serious intention within the department devoted to the opening of statistics and techniques. 

 Disciplines posed by the department :
Bachelor of Technology teacher :
The need for a technology teacher program emerged through the application of the Ministry of Education and High Education of the curriculum for technology and applied sciences in its schools, which means that , in practice, the need for one teacher to two teachers specialized in teaching technology curriculum in the public schools , the UNRWA  schools as well as schools of the private sector. Students study a total of 136 credit hours spread over eight semesters.( four years ).