Central Library
The library is considered one of the most important departments at the UCST that enable students develop their abilities through availing a good number of scientific and cultural references and books despite the siege imposed . the library offer for the students of the college an electronic library that provides them with modern and cultural books that could be read and downloaded via the college . the library also offers for the students a department for distinctive current and scientific  CDS the library also offers a special part  that contains the high studies  to open the door for researches to use then inside and outside the college .
Message of library department:
The library is regarded a civilized location that plays a central and important role in developing the scientific research and education. It is considered an essential nerve that  aims at providing suitable knowledge for beneficial people properly.

Library targets:
- Providing a modern range of information sources and organize them through the technical measures adopted internationally .
- Providing services to beneficiaries and to provide atmosphere to obtain the required information as soon as possible .
- Training workers in the information field through courses and seminars in line with the college disciplines.
- Developing cooperation with relevant to the objectives and mission of the library and other libraries relations.
- Contributing to raising the cultural level and the protection of heritage and human thought .
- Building a conscious and qualified generation scientifically ; culturally and socially that can compete in the areas of life .
Unit of technical operations:
1- Supply
2- Indexing and classification
3- Current awareness (what newly arrived)
Guidance unit:
-    Working to guide the beneficiaries to gain access to the collection of information required quickly and effectively
Unit of loan and beneficiaries :
It specializes in the secondment and return books and sources of information to and from the beneficiaries in accordance with the regulations and in place

Beneficiary community:
1- academic staff.
2- Administrative staff.
3- Students
Regulations and laws of loan:
The community gets benefit from number of books for loan .
- Academic Employee for 7 months
- Administrative employee for 4 weeks .
- High studies students for 5 weeks .
- University students for 3 weeks .
- Loan is not only to issue a special Library card .
     Fine delay is determined according to the vision of the section .
The loss of the book :
Library section imposes  the purchase of the book has the same name and alternative specifications or pay for it doubly .
Renewal of the loan :
    Loan book is determined for the same beneficiary to only once in the same period of the basic loan .
Pre-reservation Service :
 The section of the library allows booking any source of information for beneficiaries .