The program is considered one of the Bachelor majors of the engineering sciences department where the students is rewarded a bachelor degree in the interior architecture. The program concerns the interior design for different establishments whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial. Also the program cares about designing the surrounding environment of the human being like designing and coordinating the interior spaces.

 The program Vision :
The program aims at establishing an academic center all over the hometown ( Palestine ) and the Middle East area. The engineering sciences department and the interior architecture major also provides the good educational environment and the creative skills for those who study this specialization within a distinctive and developing environment.

The program Message :
The interior architecture program seeks to provide a distinctive academic education depending on high technologies and a developing academic Methodism for serving the community .

The general aims of the program :

  • Providing academic and developing curriculum for students to become suitable designers for all kinds of fields.
  • Qualifying highly-level and specialized staff in the interior architecture engineering for working in the High Education institutions, ministries, municipalities and the concerned societies locally, regionally and internationally.
  • providing students with the suitable and advanced bases and theories for acquiring professional expertise and persuading the high education.
  • Developing students' abilities and skills for imaging and designing creative solutions for the problems of the interior architecture domain.
  • Graduating well qualified and specialized students that have a role in developing and designing the environment and the interior spaces.
  • Developing the skills of the scientific research for students for study the interior architecture.
  • Training students on how to respect the job ethics in cooperation with the engineers syndicate and the owners of work in the local community. 

The intended educational outcome of the program:
  Graduates are supposed to :

  • Utilize tools , colors and structures creatively and distinctively.
  • Identify how to build the concerned interior architecture practices and systems.
  • analyze the interior spaces and areas with all their kinds, draw them and translate their designs into first and final patterns.
  • plan the interior spaces and design them manually or using the computer design programs.
  • communicate with other interior designers and apply the professional systems and measures technically.
  • innovate creative solutions in the labor market.
  • interpret their ideas clearly via the written or aural show.
  • prove their merit in the variety of skills notably the administrative one.
  • be well aware of the interior architecture engineering according to the dependent syllabus to be able to work this field.
  • be able to conduct the scientific research on standard and scientific methods.
  • work within the team spirit.
  • be courageous and committed to the job ethics in the local and international community.