First : Justifications of casting the program and its congruity with the national strategy :
Computer networks sector and technical support is considered one of the factors that needs development and vertical and horizontal extension in the Gaza Strip . Also the technical support in most of institutions and companies isn't designed on scientific base that lead to lack at performance of computer nets , equipment maintenance and the program censorship . This leads to diseconomy in resources consumption . The lat wars on Gaza strip showed that there should be experts in maintain and restoring systems of communications and webs urgently . In fact , the infrastructure of  communications portable mobiles in most ministries in the Gaza strip were exposed to great destruction during the war. From this point. The idea of finding a new major in the field of the technical support suddenly and urgently where the maintenance of computers and programs and controlling the nets performance quickly and efficiently.
It is worth mentioning that this specification isn’t offered by any college or university before all over the Gaza strip despite the urgent need to be experts in this field.
To sum up, we can come to the conclusion that the justifications of presenting this program are the following;
-The local community need for this kind of specialization ( that will be discussed later ) .
-This kind of major isn’t generally offered at any university in Gaza governorates particularly.
-The contribution of renascence of the local society through availing graduates in this field.   
-Keeping up with needs of the local market taking into account the kind of the targeted sample of students according to their certificate at the general secondary certificate .

Second : The social justifications :
-Reducing the unemployment average that spreads among the Palestinian families .
-Acquaintanceship and communication through the social media .
-Increasing the number of technicians in the society where each house has a computer and a network .

Third : The cultural justifications :
-Increasing the understanding and awareness from the global trend to the web and its applications .
-Finding new opportunities for spreading different cultures through the different languages website .

Fourth : the technological justifications
-Finding  graduates able to maintain the computers sets and its attachments , installing wire and wireless computer networks and maintaining them and presenting the technical support.
-Administrating and sporting any device within limited range and making all the necessary security precautions and assuring the data safety

Fifth: the congruity of the program with the national strategy :
 building a Palestinian informative community based on the availability of knowledge for all and depending on the information as an essential mean for upgrading the Palestinian people and fulfilling their ambitions in the different fields . this program is regarded one of the most majors that support the national strategy and contribute in building the electronic government and its applications.