Department of Administrative and Financial



This department was established at the same time of the college establishment in 1990 under the title of department of administrative, financial and computer science. At the beginning of establishment, the department had contained only three majors; business management diploma, programing and system analysis diploma and finally secretarial and office administration diploma. Next the department has started developing and extending whereasseparated from the computer department seeking for opening and approving new programs to include within five years five majors of diploma;business management, accounting, financial management and banking, management and office automation, marketing and product management. In the academic year 2009/2010 and according to the local market needs, two bachelor majors has been opened and proved;information technology management and applied accounting. The major of marketing and product management has also been edited to become marketing and E-commerce, seeking for keeping up with the huge electronic and technological development within the business field. At the same time, the department seeks to develop the recent majors and innovate other that fit with the recent and future needs of market.